Our team members

Santiago Robledo

Personal Trainer / Co-Founder

A native of Medellin, Colombia, Santiago has loved anything related to sports and fitness his entire life. Fitness is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. Santiago studied Physical Education at the University of Antioquia and acquired years of experience as a Personal Trainer at Dinamo Fitness Center where he trained several Colombian models and musicians. Santiago brought his talents to South Florida in 2012 and has since helped change the lives of dozens of people by motivating them to push their bodies to do things they never thought possible. In June 2013, Santiago became P90X Certified and is currently working towards opening the first Xtreme Body Evolution fitness studio to house P90X Live! classes among other ventures.


Anthony Paulino


Anthony Paulino is an ACSM certified personal trainer. His passion for training began officially in 2008 where he started his career as a PT at LA Fitness. Anthony has gained experience over the years from personal/group training, as well as bootcamps. In addition, Anthony is also a certified Athletic Trainer with experience in athletic injury prevention & management with a specialty in designing programs for athletes to train safely and still pursue their fitness goals. His focus on proper form/technique and expertise in fitness has lead him to be a trusted and well known fitness professional. Anthony's goal is to help people reach an optimal state of health and unlock their physical potential.


Leslie Arboleda

Co-Founder / CFO

Leslie Arboleda earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from University of Phoenix and runs her own accounting firm, Unico Financial Services, LLC. She has always shared her cousin Santiago’s passion for fitness and the two co-founded Xtreme Body Evolution, LLC in 2013. Leslie accompanied Santiago to the P90X Certification Conference and is eager to learn more about her passion for fitness and use it to help change the lives of others.